28th February

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Panel Discussion

  • Future of Bug Bounty

Evening Talks

Speaker Name

Talk Title

Tamaghna Basu

Detecting and Fighting identity frauds using Behavioural Biometrics

Glenn ten Cate

Making the web secure by design

Vanshit Malhotra

Building Your Hacker BlackBox for Fun And Profit

Adhokshaj Mishra

Tempsmitter: Data Exfiltration Using CPU Temperature

Sunil kumar S

Mallory in a Modern World: Practical exploitation of IoT systems

by attacking Wireless Sensor Networks

Yassine Aboukir

Leveraging certificate transparency to automate monitoring

of new subdomains for fun and profit - Sublert tool release.

Avinash Jain

Bringing Left Shift Security change in India E-market #BugBounty