Code Decode Labs

“Code Decode Labs” is formed by a team of IITians, Ex-Defense & highly experienced professionals with several years of experience & expertise. “Code Decode Labs” deals with in the various projects of IT Technology, Cyber Security, Advanced Defense & Policing Technologies, Intelligent Networks, and Information Security. Our services for corporate range from complete corporate security process management, IT security and data protection from hackers, application security and information security solutions. We work with various major law enforcement agencies & intelligence units for lawful interception, cyber café surveillance, link analysis and technical research to combat the growing threat of hacking being used in terrorism.

Our R&D team consists of top brains in Information Security from IIT Mumbai, IIT Delhi, various industry professionals, programmers, coders, network architects and seasoned ethical hackers to give a holistic security team. We do an end to end consulting for IT security, Telecom implementation and testing. The founders have been appreciated by the erstwhile, President of India Dr. A.P.J Kalam. For more than a year, “Code Decode Labs” is serving with an innovative developer of intelligence-led security solutions. Through our proprietary technology platform and support from expert analysts, we identify risks early for effective prevention and mitigation.

Why be a partner of OWASP Seasides 2020?

It appeared essential to us to bring our support to this « don’t miss » event. We are quite pleased and proud to be able to play a concrete part in its success.

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