DashaGriiva Infotech

Who are we ?

Here at DashaGriiva Infotech, we dedicate ourselves to provide a career path for the students over Cyber Security focusing on their basic skills first, then slowly moving towards advanced levels. All we need to know is,“When was the last time you sharpened your axe?” If you are still thinking when? Then you are at the right place!and its time to start something new and trust the magic of new beginnings

we believe in every individual housing an immense capability to harness knowledge, teaching them how to access their innate potential and grooming those minds into surviving the tough professional tides.

We intend to light the know how of self-learning attitude and mutual growth among the youngsters we educate.We dream to reach every other individual who believes they can make a difference with the knowledge we impart.

Our aim

Dashagriiva Infotech will teach you step-by-step methodologies that are actually needed by hackers and professionals alike, such as Cyber- Security Essentials, Web Application, Network Security, Malwares, Vulnerability Management and more. This course will help you get an in-depth knowledge of Penetration Testing techniques from Basic to Advanced level to build up a strong career backbone.

Why be a partner of OWASP Seasides 2020?

It appeared essential to us to bring our support to this « don’t miss » event. We are quite pleased and proud to be able to play a concrete part in its success.

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