A Crowd Sourced community to secure Indian industries. We are the first source in India to have a responsible disclosure platform - Zero Discover to support both company and researcher. An Effective and efficient platform with team of security researchers, we feel the responsibility of connecting organization with a global crowd to identify the vulnerabilities - before it gets into some wrong hands. BugDiscover provides tailor made solutions to manage bug bounty program for organization by reducing their time invested on it and helps in increasing productivity by efficiently identifying their bugs through our programs. BugDiscover platform builds an easy to access trusted talent pool for managed bug bounty program. We empower security researchers by providing a User-friendly platform to choose appropriate & interesting challenges with bounties from the crowd sourced programs.

Why be a partner of OWASP Seasides 2020?

It appeared essential to us to bring our support to this « don’t miss » event. We are quite pleased and proud to be able to play a concrete part in its success.

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