At Appknox, we have been working with businesses ranging from early-stage companies to fortune 100 enterprises. All businesses strive and build a magnificent product to give their customers the best of experience and no one wants to do that at a stake of getting hacked. None of the products is underbuilt but fighting against hackers is difficult and something which all companies should be doing. Also, if you think you are too safe then we will highlight what someone has said earlier, there are 2 kinds of companies: one who has been hacked and others who do not know they have been hacked.

We started Appknox with the sole purpose of making the mobile application ecosystem more secure and safe. When we started there was a gradual shift happening to the mobile application and it was becoming absolute for most of the internet usage. In fact, the majority of people got introduced to the web through mobile. We were sure that mobile will be the next big thing and whatever grows attracts hackers towards it.

As we started building our product we realized speed is very important while building and releasing mobile applications. We automated complete Vulnerability Assessment and have a very focused team who are experts to perform Penetration Testing for mobile applications. From day one, we wanted to have the best (Expert) team working behind whatever we do and today we are proud of every single team member contributing in whatever or more they are onboard for.

Appknox is a Value SaaS business. We are committed to building our business capital efficiently. See here for more of Value SaaS manifesto.

Why be a partner of OWASP Seasides 2020?

It appeared essential to us to bring our support to this « don’t miss » event. We are quite pleased and proud to be able to play a concrete part in its success.

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