Sumeru Solutions

It all started in the year 2001. A bunch of us, some fresh from IITs and some working for the big guys, wanted to stitch technology and social change together.

How could we possibly do this successfully? Two things emerged. First, we had exceptional IT skills at hand and venturing out in a business made perfect sense. Second, being fans of the Art of Living movement only made it better.

They tackle the most pressing issues of the humanity, attend to them with great poise and design workable solutions for them, all to create ripples of happiness in the world. By the year 2001, The Art Of Living had touched over a million people from 150 different countries through their several projects.

Our ‘Why’ became clear. Do exceptional work, make profits, fund the social projects run by Art of Living. We were infused with commitment, vision and a drive to excel. We plunged right in. We called ourselves “Sumeru”.

Why be a partner of OWASP Seasides 2020?

It appeared essential to us to bring our support to this « don’t miss » event. We are quite pleased and proud to be able to play a concrete part in its success.

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