Want to test your skills in identifying web app vulnerabilities? Join OWASP Las Vegas and Security Innovation as members compete in CMD+CTRL, a web application cyber range where players exploit their way through hundreds of vulnerabilities that lurk in business applications today. Success means learning quickly that attack and defense is all about thinking on your feet.

For each vulnerability you uncover, you are awarded points. Climb the interactive leaderboard for a chance to win fantastic prizes! CMD+CTRL is ideal for development teams to train and develop skills, but anyone involved in keeping your organization’s data secure can play - from developers and managers and even CISOs.

NOTE: Just bring your computer and evil inner-doer and you are ready to roll!

About Trainer :

Chandni is a Security Engineer with over 6 years professional experience and a badass attitude for bringing insecure websites to their knees.

Harsh -Recently graduated from college and at his first professional post, Harsh exudes the skills and confidence of a pro-hacker. He is currently working to tame his inner pwnig powers and putting them to use for the greater good