IOT Village


ALL ( Automotive, ICS, IoT ) Village

ALL village refers to Automotive Ics IoT, comes under one village which gives the opportunity to attendees to play with CAR (CAR Hacking village), ICS and IoT. Attendees will have opportunity deal with real word practical session, understand the methodologies to conduct Hardware Testing, Automotive Testing, IoT Testing and ICS Testing.

Village will cover all those Hands On session within 3 days.

Topics will be covered

  • Introduction to IIOT
  • Industrial Protocols
  • MQTT
    1. Introduction
    2. Protocols details
    3. Recon and Enumeration of Topics
    4. DOS attacks
  • Zigbee (802.15.4)
    1. Introduction and protocol Overview
    2. Reconnaissance
    3. Sniffing and Eavesdropping
    4. Replay attacks
    5. Packet Forging attack
    6. Jamming Attacks
    7. Dissociation Attacks
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
    1. Introduction and protocol Overview
    2. Reconnaissance (Active and Passive) with HCI tools
    3. GATT service Enumeration
    4. Sniffing GATT protocol communication
    5. Reversing GATT protocol communication
    6. Read and writing on GATT protocol
    7. L2cap smashing
    8. Cracking encryption
  • Basics of electronics
  • Understanding Electronic Components
  • SPI
    1. Introduction
    2. Protocol understanding
    3. Data Extraction eeprom SPI
  • I2C
    1. Introduction
    2. Protocol understanding
    3. Reading and writing data over I2C
  • UART
    1. Introduction
    2. Identifying UART
    3. Automated Way
    4. Manually
    5. Debugging over UART
    1. Introduction
    2. Identifying JTAG/SWD
    3. Automated Way
    4. Manually

About Trainer :

Arun Mane is a Founder and Director of Amynasec Labs LLP which is specialized in Vehicle/Iot/ICS and he also Hardware, IOT and ICS Security Researcher. His areas of interest are Hardware Security, SCADA, Automotive security, Fault Injection, RF protocols and Firmware Reverse Engineering. He also has experience in performing Security Audits for both Government and private clients. He has presented a talk at the nullcon 2016,2017,2018 Goa, GNUnify 2017, Defcamp 2017, 2018 Romania, BsidesDelhi 2017, c0c0n x 2017, EFY 2018, x33fcon2018, BlackHat USA 2018, Defcon USA 2018, OWASP Seasides 2019 Goa. Also Trainer for Practical Industrial Control Systems (ICS) hacking training, delivered in x33fcon2018, HIP 2018 and also delivered training for IoT hacking in HITB 2017, HIP 2017, BlackHat Asia 2018 and private clients in London, Australia, Sweden, Netherlands etc. He is an active member of null open community.