Rushikesh Nandedkar


Rushikesh is a security analyst. Having more than six years of experience under his belt, his assignments have always been pointed towards reducing the state of insecurity for information. His research papers were accepted at NCACNS 2013, nullcon 2014, HITCON 2014, Defcamp 2014, BruCON 2015, DEFCON 24, BruCON 2016, x33fcon 2017, c0c0n-X 2017, BruCON 2017, Bsides Delhi 2017, nullcon 2018, x33fcon 2018, BlackHat USA 2018 and DEFCON 26 + Co-author of “DECEPTICON,” an intelligent evil-twin. Being an avid CTF player, for him, solace is messing up with packets, frames, and shellcodes.